Under Trump, Congress to push for funding that grows government hacking

A CES panel featuring four congressmen somehow went mostly under the radar in the sea of smart hairbrushes and underwear.

Well, they said a few important things and shed light on the next round in the crypto wars:

“It seems there is bipartisan consensus against encryption backdoors,” Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., said. “The solution is to give FBI the best tools possible.”

The lawmakers wants more funding and resources pushed to government hackers in order to fend off the myriad global targets and threats.

The debate over encryption isn’t over but it is about to expand significantly to include pouring increased resources  into law enforcement, intelligence and military agencies and departments for offensive hacking. That means new personnel and money but also expanded legal powers and aggressive doctrines.

Back to the too-smart dildos.

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Mass refund issued on the dark net

The well-established psychedelics dealer GammaGoblin, who has been a player under the same name since the original Silk Road, issued a public mass refund for a certain batch of drugs that didn’t measure up.

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Donald Trump and Steve Bannon will gain near direct control over funding to Tor, Signal and other internet freedom tools

The president-elect will gain nearly direct control over the Broadcasting Board of Governors — as well as the agencies it oversees and the millions of dollars in annual internet-freedom funding — thanks to a provision etched deep in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act cleared by Congress in early December.

The legislation will give the new president — whose few decipherable comments on cybersecurity include vocal opposition to strong encryption and a push to expand surveillance — more direct power over the federal funding that goes to projects like Tor and Signal, both of which have taken millions from the U.S. government in recent years. A host of smaller-profile tools, like privacy-first operating systems, rely even more heavily on federal support and their survival could be threatened.

Read more: https://www.cyberscoop.com/tor-signal-funding-donald-trump-steve-bannon-encryption/

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FBI and DEA under review for use of NSA mass surveillance data

The Justice Department is investigating the FBI’s use of information taken directly from mass surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA)’s collection of telephone metadata.

The yield of that NSA spying program was described by a judge as a “staggering” amount of data when the agency’s ability to collect it was struck down as illegal in court earlier this year. The program was resumed in June and will run until at least December.

Another ongoing Justice Department investigation is examining the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)’s use of “parallel construction.”

Source: FBI and DEA under review for use of NSA mass surveillance data

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How the world’s police are taking on the Dark Net

As far as the United States and its allies are concerned, the biggest problem in this world is apparently Russia, “where it’s very hard for us to get cooperation and get the actors apprehended,” Comey explained. “And so we have to hope to grab them when they leave the country and travel. The good news is, all the successful cybercriminals have lots of dough and want to go on vacation and that’s where, with our partners, we grab ‘em up.”

Source: How the world’s police are taking on the Dark Net

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